Schoolgirls claim teachers are enforcing make-up ban by patrolling corridors armed with wet wipes

The Manchester Evening News is reporting claims that teachers are patrolling the corridors of a local school “armed with wet wipes” ordering pupils to remove make-up or they will not get into the canteen for lunch.

Pupils at The Barlow RC High School in Didsbury also say they are also being threatened with expulsion if they refuse to remove all traces of beauty products during school hours.

Bosses at the school have reportedly taken a hard line on cosmetics following the Christmas break.

One student, Holly Hopkins, told the M.E.N. students are ready to revolt following the newly-enforced rules – which she says have never been strictly adhered to until now.

The 15-year-old from Didsbury claimed scores of young women at the school, many of whom suffer from acne, have been left feeling self-conscious after being shouted at by teachers for wearing make-up.

Holly said teachers have been patrolling the school, makeup wipes in hand, telling students to clean their faces.

She added: “There’s always been a ban on makeup. But they’ve never really enforced it, until the start of this term.

“They’ve been making us take part in make-up checks. If they see girls with make-up on, they’ve been made to take it off straight away.

“It’s everything – mascara, concealer, foundation – everything. Girls with spots can’t even wear a little bit of foundation to cover them up and make themselves feel better.

“Most girls my age are feeling very self-conscious because they are going through puberty and have acne.

“Some girls were told they couldn’t go into the canteen unless they took off their make-up – and been threatened that they could be expelled.

“There are women teachers, wearing make-up, telling girls they have to take theirs off…”

The school, when contacted by the M.E.N, declined to comment.

More (including a video) at: Schoolgirls claim teachers are enforcing make-up ban by patrolling corridors armed with wet wipes


Do you have sympathy with the girls here and how do you think schools should handle the issue of make up for students?

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Should pupils be allowed to wear make-up to secondary school?

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  1. Compromise required – a little make-up discreetly applied could be tolerated.  But girls wearing heavy make up could be quietly asked to remove it (or tone it down).  No need for shouting.

  2. Mktadvice4schls

    SchoolsImprove yet again reputation of school damaged over peripheral issues – schools must anticipate and respond to these stories!

  3. EvidenceTeach

    SchoolsImprove Students push boundaries: skirt length, handbags, makeup. Teachers resist. Difficult line. Newspapers oversimplify.

  4. thiskidsthinkin

    I can understand why teenagers would want to cover spots (didn’t we all). It is a difficult age and maybe covering spots should be allowed. Detention for anything more though to enforce the rules if they don’t remove make-up when asked.

  5. GeogMonkey

    SchoolsImprove they are not adults – ridiculous to make comparison. There are many things adults can do which children cannot.

  6. Fiona31814

    SchoolsImprove If rule is no make up then no problem. A bit of emotional intelligence by teachers to allow a touch of concealer tho pls.

  7. LatinZest

    SchoolsImprove themedlams I think #makeup is for grownups and not for #children. If a teacher wants to wear makeup, they can.

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