Schoolgirl forced to scrub the pavement as punishment for being disruptive in class

The Mirror is reporting that a schoolgirl has been taken out of school after being left ‘distraught’ – by being told to scrub the pavement as punishment.

Charmaine Gray was ordered to carry out the work by teachers after being disruptive in lessons.

But her furious mother, Johanne Elsworth, has reacted by withdrawing her daughter and she is now looking for another school.

She said: “This is not appropriate at all and is nothing short of Dickensian…

“She is not an angel by any means and I’m fine with her being punished but not like this….”

According to the behaviour policy of St Peter’s Primary School in Darwen, Lancashire, ‘Red Cards’ are given to pupils who continue to be disruptive after a verbal warning and two ‘Yellow Cards’.

If a pupil is given one ‘Red Card’ in a term they miss a day of playtime, with the number of playtimes being missed increasing with each ‘Red Card’ up to five when they are then sent to the headteacher.

No mention of further punishments is made in the document, which is published on the school’s website…

She has now contacted Blackburn with Darwen Council to see if there are any places at another school in the town for 11-year-old Charmaine…

Headteacher Victoria Weddle and Blackburn with Darwen Council have declined to comment on the matter. 

But parents picking up their children said they were supportive of the school’s stance.

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Was this punishment a step too far or, as the full article suggests, is it essentially the kind of thing the latest DfE guidance has in mind?


DFE guidance on guidance and discipline in schools

Source: DfE 


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  1. nrcantor

    SchoolsImprove It’s pretty well understood that punishment is not an effective behaviour modification tool. No wonder it escalated.

  2. TheBirmingham6

    SchoolsImprove have any of the governors voted tory or shown right wing mindset? Could be part of Gove neocon plot? #trojanhoax

  3. aqualavender

    SchoolsImprove typical parent, removes the child but does not support the school’s behaviour policy.. no wonder the child is disruptive..

  4. aqualavender

    JudithBosavern SchoolsImprove parent should have read the behaviour policy then. I’m certain it was the last resort.

  5. thiskidsthinkin

    She seems to have got numerous warnings for disruptive behaviour before the punishment. Judging by the fact that the other parents support the school, this punishment is rare.Hopefully the girl learns to behave before secondary school, if not, she’ll have a lot of detention, if not exclusion.

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