Schoolgirl, 16, is put in detention after being told by teachers her skirt is too short

The Daily Mail is reporting that a schoolgirl was put into detention after being told that her skirt is too short, leading her to miss important GCSE lessons.

A schoolgirl missed important lessons for her GCSEs after being put in isolation and twice given a detention because teachers said her skirt was too short.

Courtney Meredith, 16, was told her ‘skirt must be no higher than 5cm (2in) above the knee’ before she was put in isolation, missing out on key lessons.

She was also given a detention and her angry mother Kirsty Owen claimed there are ‘plenty of other’ girls with skirts that are shorter than her daughter’s. The row led to Ms Owen and Courtney’s grandmother protesting outside the school – but even when the girl returned she was given detention again.

Ms Owen, 33, said teachers at Portslade Aldridge Community Academy (Paca) in Brighton, East Sussex, are not dealing with the situation correctly. She also said she feels like she is in a ‘battle’ with the secondary school and sixth form, adding her daughter is missing out on vital lessons ‘because of a skirt’.

Ms Owen said: ‘My daughter’s school rules state that the skirt she wears must be 5cm above the knee. There are plenty of other children at the school walking around with their skirts up higher than my daughter wears hers.’

More at: Schoolgirl, 16, is put in detention and misses key GCSE lessons after being told by teachers her skirt is too short 

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    • Governor

      As a parent I have had cause to raise concerns with my kids schools over the issue of consistency. One rule for some, another for others. That includes how willing the school is to impose a penalty as well as the severity. In this instance, both parent and school run the risk of becoming entrenched and I do believe the onus here is on the school to seek a resolution. It cannot justify its actions by the mantra of rules are rules. I would also raise as a concern where any school says no complaint has been made simply because a particular form from its policy has not been filled out.

    • Anonymous

      So will this mother stand up in court if her daughter has been caught stealing and state that ‘there are lots of other people stealing more than her daughter’? Will she argue that a speeding fine shouldn’t count for her daughter because ‘there are lots of other people going faster than my daughter’?

      Follow the rules or choose another school; maybe one without a uniform policy would suit her daughter better.

      If only this mother put the same amount of effort into supporting her daughter’s school in establishing standards and expectations.

  1. Karen

    If the parent truly cares about her education then she would insist her daughter wears a longer skirt. Never mind other people and their skirt lengths – they will not give the girl better results. It’s a life lesson in not cutting off your nose to spite your face.

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