Schoolgirl, 14, took fatal overdose after claiming classmates mocked her for being ‘poor’

The Mail is reporting that a schoolgirl took a fatal overdose after writing a note which said her classmates were teasing her for being ‘poor’.

Ashleigh Bowes was suffering from anorexia and depression and claimed other girls at her high school would mock her because her mother used a motorbike to get about.

The 14-year-old was found dead at her family home in Macclesfield, Cheshire, on August 30 last year after taking an overdose of a drug used to treat anxiety.

Police discovered Ashleigh had made a five-minute video ‘selfie’ on her mobile phone in the hours before her death. Inquiries also revealed she had argued with other girls at a park eight days earlier.

A note found after her death revealed she had written: ‘I can’t believe you told. I was depressed. I trusted you. I thought you would understand. I can’t stand it. You were so rude the other day. SO RUDE.

‘When I left the park I cried. I was losing my friends. Depression hurts. Anorexia hurts. It’s nothing to joke about. Words kill.’

She added: ‘Taking the p*** out of my food and my mum. We are poor. We can’t have the big brands like you do. Count yourself lucky that you are so blessed. I am blessed. It is not funny to take the p*** out of anorexia. Every time you teased it hurt. Watch your words…’

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What an awful tragedy although the full report suggests the situation was probably a lot more complex than the headline suggests.

The school denies any awareness of bullying – something the coroner appears to have accepted – but Ashleigh’s mother makes the point than even apparent teasing can be very hurtful and damaging.

Very sad.


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