Schoolgirl, 14, sent home on first day of new term for wearing trousers teachers ruled were too tight

A schoolgirl was sent home just hours after starting the new term after teachers insisted her trousers were too tight. This is from the Daily Mail

Fourteen-year-old  Annalise Wilks had just rejoined friends after their summer holidays and taken her first steps into preparing for GCSE exams.

But the Year 10 student was pulled to one side by furious staff at Beaumont Leys School, Leicester, and told to change her trousers or go home.

Some 25 children were given their marching orders or put into isolation for breaking the secondary school’s ‘zero tolerance’ uniform rules.

Annalise’s mother, Denise, 44, was contacted by the school on Thursday to be told her daughter was not allowed into her classes.

She  said: ‘I personally think Annalise’s trousers were suitable – I don’t think they were too tight at all. I think it’s disgusting. She’s being deprived of an education.

‘I know at least two other parents who are furious about it. Can’t they just educate the children until 3pm and then send them home with a letter?’

Head teacher Liz Logie, who has overseen seven years of academic improvement at the school, said the hard line was important for school discipline, and that no children were sent home unless their parents were there waiting for them.

‘We’ve changed our school uniform and we anticipated having hiccups, which is why we posted letters to students’ homes with precise descriptions and had two or three assemblies with the pupils,’ said Ms Logie.

‘We made it really clear they would be put in isolation or sent home if they did not wear the uniform.

‘About 20 to 25 out of 1,050 pupils were in the wrong clothes or shoes and, if their parents could be contacted, they were sent home and, if not, they were put in isolation.”

Ms Logie added:  ‘Schools such as Beaumont Leys in challenging areas don’t get to be successful without being clear and rigorous.’

More (including photos of the girl in the trousers) at:  Schoolgirl, 14, sent home on first day of new term for wearing trousers teachers ruled were too tight

Does your/your child’s school have a zero-tolerance uniform policy like this? What do you think of the approach, its benefits and its potential pitfalls? Please share your thoughts in the comments or on twitter… 

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  1. i2iPartnership

    SchoolsImprove The response of the head didn’t sound furious at all, but very fair & considered: emotive language from the Mail.

  2. mrpeel

    SchoolsImprove if the school states that no skinny jeans/ Trs are allowed then dont send children in them. School isn’t a fashion show.

  3. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove It’s weird how these “news” stories are usually run by the Daily Mail. There is a dress code, the broke it; simples

  4. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove It’s weird how these “news” stories are usually run by the Daily Mail. There is a dress code, she broke it; simples

  5. acet2001

    SchoolsImprove pupils need to know who is in charge. It seems trivial but a day out of school is a small price to pay for a lesson learned.

  6. Talkloads

    SchoolsImprove I totally agree with the school. Some of the students at my school look a mess, drawn-on ties, ripped blazers etc…

  7. SamanthaSimic

    SchoolsImprove At my school, if you broke uniform rules, you were made to wear something from the lost property box instead- lesson learnt!

  8. Soarpoints

    SchoolsImprove my thoughts are that “Zero tolerance” is just another name for a uniform policy. Wear it or go to another school / plenty

  9. GrahamBett

    SchoolsImprove Wrong question! The issue is parents who want different rules for their child & doublethink journalists. BeaumontLeysSch

  10. SugaredPill

    SchoolsImprove 15 year old’s take on this; ‘why should it matter what trousers you’re wearing if you always work hard and get good grades’

  11. wraitken

    SchoolsImprove schools are changing and becoming more autonomous, people (parents) need to realise this okay for schools to do if in rules

  12. morris_emma

    SchoolsImprove I despair when I see kids go to school dressed inappropriately. Look smart, act smart, make a good impression.

  13. kayajs24

    SchoolsImprove maybe the mother should send her child to a school with lower standards? I’m sure she’ll be much happier(!)

  14. AmandaCatteral2

    SchoolsImprove frustrated with parents who appear to refuse to back school uniform policy they were perfectly aware of when chose school

  15. slimshaneyboy

    AmandaCatteral2 SchoolsImprove our secondary school pta runs a pre owned uniform shop. Buys and sells ss well as donate to poorer families

  16. slimshaneyboy

    AmandaCatteral2 SchoolsImprove when it is requested by the school. Saved parents loads over the last 2 years and donated in excess of 1k

  17. slimshaneyboy

    AmandaCatteral2 SchoolsImprove our secondary school pta runs a pre owned uniform shop. Buys and sells ss well as donate to poorer familie

  18. mauriziovespa

    kayajs24 SchoolsImprove If students are expected to dress appropriately so should teachers. The dress standards of some are appaling.

  19. mauriziovespa

    kayajs24 SchoolsImprove If we want students to dress appropraitely lets also encourage teachers to dress professionally.

  20. mauriziovespa

    AmandaCatteral2 SchoolsImprove Uniform has been a rode for every school. As a teacher so has professional dress standards for teachers.

  21. Organic_Jane

    SchoolsImprove As a primary we aren’t overly strict but good strong shoes important & hair tied back.Teacher dress code: yoghurt proof!

  22. 87andyheron87

    SchoolsImprove totally agree with the mother… Send them home at the end of the day… A child’s education should be put first..

  23. JanelleintheUK

    BehaviourA SchoolsImprove Uniforms do not encourage good grades, good habits do. Uniforms rules are a hassle at school, to often broken.

  24. BramRaider

    BehaviourA SchoolsImprove Your argument is pointless. The mother agreed to the policy when she wanted her daughter taught at the school.

  25. OverTheFoghorn

    87andyheron87 SchoolsImprove If parents cared about their education, wouldn’t they have sent them in with correct uniform in first place?

  26. 87andyheron87

    OverTheFoghorn to send the child home or isolate them is wrong. Speak to them, tell them not to wear it again. Don’t send them home..

  27. OverTheFoghorn

    87andyheron87 Was playing devil’s advocate (still am). Head’s thoughts were: a harsh set of boundaries at the beginning puts a stop to it?

  28. FionaTipper

    SchoolsImprove I am a fan of strict uniform but this doesn’t look too bad to me. I would have told her to tuck her shirt in though!

  29. HylandMcCabe

    BehaviourA SchoolsImprove -if u hav rules then you need to follow them through or how do students know whether or not to follow ANY rule?!

  30. BehaviourA

    HylandMcCabe SchoolsImprove The contrary- my experience is if you have petty rules students lose respect for the more important ones too

  31. BehaviourA

    BramRaider SchoolsImprove Interested to know if school did get parents to sign up to changes. Not making an argument more stating facts

  32. Organic_Jane

    BehaviourA SchoolsImprove Yes!What one wears has no bearing on ability to learn.There is no science to back up this nonsense about uniform

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