Schoolboy ordered to wear a hat in lessons because his Sergio Aguero-style short back and sides is ‘too extreme’

The Mail is reporting that a schoolboy who had his hair cut like football idol Sergio Aguero has been ordered to wear a hat in lessons or stay home until it grows back…

Ten-year-old Tom Moseley was told his short back and sides hairstyle, modelled on the Manchester City striker’s look, was too extreme by staff St Gilbert’s Primary School in Winton, Eccles, and he was removed from school on his birthday.

His family say they were told he could either return to classes when his hair had grown, restyle it or wear a hat at all times.

Parents Lisa, 39, and Kirk, 43, have attacked the school’s decision and have decided to keep Tom out of school…

‘We were given three options – take him out of school until it grows, get it cut or sit in class wearing a hat and he won’t be allowed to play football at school. He would also have to sit outside the headteacher’s office at break times wearing the hat.

‘We decided to keep him out of school because I am not having him sitting with the equivalent of a dunce’s hat on.’

But headteacher Cheryl Fox said: ‘We set clear standards on hair and dress at this school which parents are made fully aware of and accept when pupils enrol.

‘We always suggest that an unsuitable haircut can be trimmed into an acceptable style without going down the skinhead route or that the child can wear a hat of their choice in school.

‘If the parents wish to keep the child away from school until the haircut grows out we will ensure their education does not suffer…’

More at: Schoolboy ordered to wear a HAT in lessons because his Sergio Aguero-style short back and sides is ‘too extreme’


There have been a lot of these short back and sides haircut stories in the media recently – do you think schools are right to stick to their policies or do they need to relax them a little to accommodate this latest trend?


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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Policies must be adhered to or there’s no point having them. Presumably the boy’s absence I’d unauthorised.

  2. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Advice to all: actually read the rules before acting or face the consequences. It’s a pretty simple philosophy

  3. Nor_edu

    SchoolsImprove kids frequently sent home from schools now for flaunting uniform regs. Y11 stud repeatedly dyed hair pink to avoid lessons!

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