School threatens teenager with exclusion if he doesn’t change this hairstyle

In its latest case of appearance-issues, the Mirror is reporting that a school has threatened a 13-year-old boy with exclusion if he doesn’t change his short gelled-back hairstyle. 

Jayden Wilson says he’s worn his hair in the same style for years and added blond highlights five months ago with no complaint from his school. 

But his mum Diane Hyam says she received a letter this week warning her that the style breaks uniform rules.

This is despite other pupils at King Edmund School , in Rochford, Essex, having similar haircuts, Diane claims…

“One teacher told him it’s a problem with the length and another said it was the colour…”

“I don’t want to change it and I don’t see why I should, but if I really have to I will put some colours on it which still won’t be natural…”

A spokesman for The King Edmund School said staff try to resolve all breaches of uniform rules with parents.

He said: “The King Edmund School has a long-standing approach to student hairstyles, which is that they should be conventional and suitable for school, reflecting the high standards that we seek in all aspects of school life.

“Extremes of fashion are not allowed and we ask parents to ensure that if hair is cut short that the scalp is not showing.

“We also ask that hairstyles are not coloured, or have colours in unnatural combinations.

“Where there are issues we work with parents to resolve matters as quickly as possible.”

More (including photos) at: School threatens teenager with exclusion if he doesn’t change this hairstyle


Other than possible inconsistency, both of message about what the issue specifically is, and, potentially, over time, it’s really hard to understand what the school has done wrong here. 

Any sympathy with Diane or Jayden?

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  1. shelleyhepher

    SchoolsImprove Is it so hard to just follow the rules? He’s been asked to get rid of blonde highlights as it breaches uniform policy. Wow!

  2. Britinfloridaus

    A student can only be excluded if he/she breaks the schools behaviour policy which needs to be known by students. Any such decision can only be made by the Headteacher. The school’s website has no less than 31 policies online, but unless I am looking in the wrong places it does not include a behaviour policy. Unless the policy refers to hairstyles, then any exclusion could be illegal as a Head can only exclude on behavioural grounds and that must be in the behaviour policy. The hair style as depicted in the media is no different to what thousands of children have styled. Schools do themselves no favours by clamping down on hairstyles unless they present a danger to others. Not sure how hair could do that. I also fully accept that the we have only heard one side of the story. However, it’s still the case that I can’t find the behaviour policy in the school’s website minor breaches of uniform policies are normally dealt with by sending a student hime to change, but in this instance that would not be possible.

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