School spends £220k on an iPad for every pupil

In the second story of its type in recent weeks, a Manchester school has now announced it will be spending hundreds of thousands of pounds equipping every pupil with an iPad 4. This is from the Manchester Evening News…

It used to be pupils who brought an Apple for the teacher – but now every student at a Manchester school is being handed their own iPad.

Children at Levenshulme High School will be issued with the devices to help with their lessons and homework.

Teachers say the six-figure investment will transform the all-girls school into one of most high-tech in Britain.

More than 1,000 pupils and 80 teachers will be issued with the technology over three years from September.

The plan has  been trialled by 14-year-old pupils, who have made notes in class, carried out experiments and produced videos and essay assignments at home using the tablet computers.

The iPad 4 model, which pupils will receive, currently retails for £389 although school managers managed to haggle down the price to £220 per unit – putting the total cost at  more than £220,000.

Atiya Ejaz, the school’s

director of e-learning, said the investment was being paid for using IT cash put aside from the Building Schools for the Future budget –  along with extra school funds.

She said: “All the feedback from pupils and parents has shown that it has engaged the children much more in their lessons.

“Previously we had laptops which pupils could sign out for use in their homes, but this takes it to the next level.

“Most of our pupils have wireless broadband at home, but we plan to offer help to pupils who don’t have this at home.

“The point of taking the iPads back home is that you can access the homework resources. It’s in everyone’s interest that the pupils who come out of schools today are as technologically literate as possible.”

Student Sodaba Mehrobi, 14, who has taken part in the iPad trial, said: “I am definitely spending more time on homework since we were given the iPads.

“There are a lot of different apps that make it more fun and you want to keep using it.”

More at:  School spends £220k on an iPad for EVERY pupil

So far is this going to go? Will every pupil have a tablet device provided for them soon? Will it become the default device? Is it an unnecessary extravagance? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, on Twitter or by using this form 

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  1. Constant55

    SchoolsImprove most high tech? diversity of approach ,training to choose the most effective tech and access to cutting edge creates this

    • SchoolsImprove

      andylutwyche Suspect pressure will grow and grow on those w/o them but are they necessary or even, on balance, desirable in the class?

      • andylutwyche

        SchoolsImprove I like technology but handed back the iPad I was given to try in class because I couldn’t justify it’s use

        • SchoolsImprove

          andylutwyche I love tech too and can see potential but worry that the idea we cannot learn without it could become a problem

  2. mikercameron

    esafetyadviser Its £70 pa per child (+on costs). Seems fairly good value compared to what else you could get for that.

    • esafetyadviser

      mikercameron eyebeams good points, I truly hope it goes well, I’m a great believer, it’s just the amount in financial terms. But as u …

      • mikercameron

        esafetyadviser eyebeams To contextualise, average secondary spends around £400 pa per child on resources, £3,500 on staff (09/10 figures)

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