School relaxes its dress code and allows pupils to wear slippers

The Daily Mail is reporting that in response to recent research from Bournemouth University, a school has decided to relax their dress code.

A school has relaxed its dress code to allow pupils to wear slippers in the classroom after research found it made them brighter students.

The results of a 10-year study showed children who learned with no shoes on were more likely to behave better and obtain good grades.

Now Findern Primary School in Derby has adopted the approach and claims to have already noticed improvements.

Deputy head teacher Michelle Hall said: ‘One of the teachers suggested the idea after seeing some research, and when we pitched the idea to the children they were very excited.

‘It has been a success so far; most of the children and even some members of staff are wearing slippers now.

‘Our pupils are already very well behaved but there have been some changes. There is less stomping around and the pupils are a lot calmer and seem very relaxed.’

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Do you think that this is something you would consider adopting in your school? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or via Twitter. ~ Meena

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  1. This is nothing new. My school, Jesmond Gardens Primary School in Hartlepool, has done this for the past five years. All children, staff and visitors, have to take shoes off when entering the main body of the school. I recommend it to everyone!

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