School put autistic girl in a ‘cage’ and took photographs of distressed youngster

The Mirror is reporting that a father who feared his autistic daughter was being mistreated by teachers found a picture of her locked in a small room behind a metal gate…

Horrified Alan Evans turned detective after he became suspicious about the way staff were looking after his child Jasmine, 11.

But he was stunned when he was able to access her school file and found a picture of her locked behind a gate in a small room – possibly a cupboard.

Another picture showed visibly distressed Jasmine rolling around the floor in her underwear.

Alan found five disturbing pictures taken in early 2013 when his autistic daughter was just nine years old.

He instantly removed Jasmine from Tregolls School in Truro, Cornwall, and now home-schools her as the experience has left her too scared to re-join a classroom environment.

The school said the photos were taken shortly after it had re-opened after being placed in special measures and it now has a new headteacher and board of governors…

Jasmine was excluded for hurting a staff member just before Christmas in 2012, but while Alan acknowledged she has learning and behavioural issues, he said staff at the school were failing in their duty of care…

Cornwall Council said it could not comment on individual cases…

More (including some of the photos) at: School put autistic girl in a ‘CAGE’ and took photographs of distressed youngster


I’m not sure about the use of the very emotive word ‘cage’  as it looks like a child safety gate but this doesn’t sound right, does it?

Your thoughts on what’s being reported?

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  1. 5N_Afzal

    SchoolsImprove Looks like school was in need of being placed in special measures. What a horrifying story.

  2. The school became an academy in September 2012.  The pictures allegedly were taken in 2013.  If so, it’s rather disingenuous of the school to put the blame on the previous governing body/head.
    Ofsted praised the school in July 2014 for the inclusion of SEN pupils from its ‘resource base’ for pupils with severe and profound learning needs with the main school and commented favourable on the support given to these children.  The school was judged Good.

    That said, the LA has a duty of care to children irrespective of whether they’re in academies or not.  The pictures should be investigated.

  3. tony_my_son

    SchoolsImprove not condoning but it’s sad that sensationalist headlines are getting coverage.Safety gates are not the same as ‘caged’

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