School photo firm withdraws airbrush option after complaint

The BBC is reporting that a school photographic company has now withdrawn its “retouching” service after a mother complained that it sent out the wrong message to children.

Alexandria Norman, from Worthing in West Sussex, saw the service to soften blemishes, facial lines and acne when viewing her daughter’s school photo.

“The photo’s not supposed to be about perfection,” she said.

Yellow School Photos, which is based in Southampton, said the retouch service was “a popular and helpful option”.

It apologised for any offence the service might have caused, and explained that it was “not an airbrushing service, and is a common feature offered by many photography companies, and is a popular and helpful option to remove marks on jumpers, scratches, glass glare etc”.

Managing director Mark Keeling said the service had now been withdrawn “in light of the current publicity”…

Martin Garratt, the headteacher of Vale First and Middle School in Worthing, where the photo was taken, also apologised for any offence caused.

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Do you think the company and school have done the right thing here?

How many other schools are also offering re-touching options on school photos and should they too be asking if it is appropriate?

Please give us your views in the comments or via Twitter…


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