School left ‘devastated’ after vandals flood classrooms with hose pipe

GetSurrey is reporting that classrooms at a local junior school were left an inch under water after vandals placed a hose pipe through a bathroom window.

The carpets in two classes, an IT suite and a group teaching room at the Chandler CofE were left water-sodden and damaged by the incident, which occurred between Saturday afternoon (July 25) and Monday evening (July 27).

Hugh Rawson, head teacher at the Roke Lane school was working in his office on Monday and said he was ‘devastated’ when he found out where the flow of water was coming from.

“As I left I thought I would have a wander around the rest of the school and there was an inch of water in one of the classrooms,” Mr Rawson said. “At first I thought it was from all the bad weather we had. I then walked into the boy’s toilets and thought something had gone wrong.

“That’s when I saw a hose pipe that somebody had put through a window.”

Mr Rawson said money which could have gone towards other things, might have to be put towards new carpets and flooring if the insurance company does not cover it…

Although the head teacher said he could not put a price on the damage caused to the school, he said the vandalism is thought to have put Witley Judy Club £3,000 out of pocket…

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A campaign has been launched to raise fiunds for the judo club to buy new mats at


Let’s hope the damage to the school is covered by insurance but presumably even that comes with consequences such as higher premiums, excess payments etc (or don’t those apply in schools)?

Why are schools such a target for vadalism and arson? Easy targets? Bad associations?

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