School leaders will have the chance to work for Ofsted for a year

School leaders will have the chance to work for Ofsted for a year under a new secondment programme announced by Amanda Spielman.  The Telegraph reports.

Ofsted’s Chief Inspector revealed the plans on Saturday at the school and college leaders at the annual ASCL conference in Birmingham. 

The new programme will allow Ofsted to gain expertise from middle leaders and up-to-date experiences of running a school, Mrs Spielman said. 

“I’ve spoken a lot about the importance of collaboration and discussion on inspection. And what makes that possible is the shared experiences of inspectors and school leaders,” she said. “Ofsted is part of the education system, not separate from it.” 

“Many of our inspectors are serving school leaders, and we plan to start a secondment programme early next year to involve even more of them,” she said.  “Our plan is for one-year secondments to Ofsted for middle leaders. They will get access to our training and development, and through inspection gain insight into what all different types of schools are doing.” 

Ofsted sees the new programme as forming part of the development journey of school leaders who are on a trajectory to headship or beyond. 

After the pilot, Ofsted hopes to open the scheme more widely from January next year.    Mrs Spielman said: “We are determined to be a force for improvement in education and we believe this scheme will help by widening our recruitment net and sharing our training. And of course we will benefit enormously from the direct experience that school leaders have. It really is an exciting time for people to join us.” 

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  1. S Dearnaley

    Why only middle leaders who are aspiring to be senior leaders? This may lead to applicants who are merely viewing this opportunity as a career step, perhaps are more likely to be more conventional and aspiring for their own short term gain rather than giving Ofsted the benefit of different ideas and perhaps more creative ideas and methods. Those middle leaders who are committed to their roles and very experienced may actually be more valuable to Ofsted.

  2. Anonymous

    There also needs to be considerable care taken to make sure that the Inspectors are not allowed to inspect schools with which they have any history. One of my local school heads was asked to give support and advice to another school. As a result, the school improved but one of the deputy heads was eased out of his job. When the local school was inspected the ex deputy head was the lead inspector and was very keen to settle old scores. As a result, the school was forced to become an academy and the excellent work which had been done was destroyed and many young people were off rolled.

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