School fosters love of reading with pyjamas and a good book

The Swindon Advertiser is reporting a initiative by teachers at one local primary school to encourage bedtime reading by inviting pupils back to school after the day finished in pyjamas and slippers to read and listen to stories…

Pupils at The Croft Primary School went straight to bed after school was out yesterday, although they took a book with them…

Aged between four and six years old, the Reception and Year One pupils crowded into the school hall with pyjamas and slippers, as staff promoted reading with an engaging event focused on bedtime reading.

Candida Hutchinson, headteacher at Croft, said: “We are trying a reading event each term and the best way to get them to learn is in a fun way.

“Look at this as the option rather than a Christmas disco, for example.

“We’ve had a play on Reading Festival in the past, with a group of the children out in a muddy field reading a book.

“We try and keep things engaging for them.”

The difficulty lies in gauging how children so young respond to these events long-term. However, Candida said she and her colleagues have already seen signs of improvement. She said: “We have children who have brought their own favourite stories in to these events.

“That shows they are engaging with the characters and the stories, building a relationship with them.

“We also take photos of them reading at evenings like this one. We share them with the children and tell them how great they look with a book.”

Amy Owen, a teacher and literacy co-ordinator at the school, said: “This evening adds a bit of excitement for them.

“This event also shows the parents that this is a good time to read to their children.

“When you see how many kids are here you can just see how much support the parents show us in what we try to do.”…

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Taking photos of children reading and telling them how good they look with a book is an intriguing idea. Do you have any examples or events your/your child’s school has put on to encourage more children (and parents) to read? Please share in the comments or on twitter… 

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  1. eQeltd

    SchoolsImprove Get parents reading and will get kids reading. Do what they see modelled. How about focussing on the parents reading habits?

  2. MinoHedgehog

    SchoolsImprove what a superb idea! Kudos to the school and the children/parents involved. Reading charities like beanstalkreads: take note

  3. jacquiburkefp

    eQeltd SchoolsImprove My parents didn’t read (except newspaper). No books at home. My love of reading inspired by great primary school.

  4. eQeltd

    jacquiburkefp SchoolsImprove Perhaps they could have inspired your parents too! Well done to your school-reading for pleasure.

  5. jacquiburkefp

    eQeltd SchoolsImprove In their day there was a war on. Dad evacuated so didn’t get much education. Both left school at 14. We are lucky!

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