School forces pupils to carry football-style punishment cards to enforce its uniform policy

The Mirror is reporting that a school has introduced football-style punishment cards for pupils floutings its strict uniform rules. 

Furious parents have launched a campaign to have the scheme scrapped, after it was introduced by Ridgeway School in Plympton, Devon.

It is compulsory for for pupils to carry two ID cards with that at all times.

They have all been issued a white and blue card which will be confiscated and they will be detained if their uniform is deemed not to be up to scratch…

The protesters, mainly [relatives] of them pupils themselves, have now signed a petition calling for the scheme to be scrapped

It was set up by Emily-May Stevens, 21, on Friday, after her two younger brothers returned home with the ‘uniform cards’…

If a teacher needs to correct a pupil on their uniform, the pupil must hand over a blue card and they are given detention for 20 minutes during break time, she says.

If they are challenged again, they hand over their white card and are put in detention for 30 minutes at lunchtime…

The school’s headteacher Lisa Boorman addressed the concerns of parents and guardians in a letter she sent out on Monday.

She wrote said: “I appreciate that some of you are unhappy that we are focussing on how some students choose to wear their school uniform… Some students, however, persistently refuse to do so and this is leading to a sense of frustration from those students who do wear their uniform well, all day, every day…

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Read the letter to parents in full:

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I’m not totally grasping the value of the cards here – can anyone explain?

Are other people using a similar approach and, if so, does it work/help?

Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. DrDD

    Similar systems have been used for years in many school and have been praised by Ofsted for the impact on student presentation. On what grounds are objections raised…. “we do not support the schools uniform policy”; then find a school which allows you to dress as you choose.

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