School evacuation: Parent’s concern over delay and ‘health and safety’ claim

The Hull Daily Mail is reporting concerns from parents over a local school’s evacuation after receiving a bomb threat earlier in the week.

Oakfield School told parents they were evacuating the school for ‘health and safety reasons’ more than an hour after receiving a bomb threat.

The east Hull school for children with special needs was evacuated after receiving a “phone call that caused them concern” at around 8.30am.

But Shirley Morris, whose 15-year-old son Callum attends the Hopewell Road School, said she was only informed of the situation at 10am, and later found out the nature of the scare through the Hull Daily Mail website.

“I’m really quite shocked and deeply disappointed with the way this has been handled,” she said.

“Had it not been a malicious threat doesn’t even bear thinking about.

“I got a phone call from the school saying taxis were going to take them home because they were closing the school for health and safety reasons. There was no other explanation or anything…

“It was only when I went on Facebook and saw the Hull Daily Mail article saying it was a terrorist threat that I knew.

“I’m more angry than scared. Had I known at the time I’d have been petrified until I knew Callum was home safe with me. So in that respect I am glad that I didn’t know now. But now I’m furious as I’ve still heard nothing.”

Ms Morris said Callum has been panicked by the situation, and had also been given mixed messages at the school…

“His friend said a teacher told him. Callum put it down to a kid having a joke. But now he knows it was a genuine threat. He’s really anxious and scared. He’s just said a teacher told him there was a gas leak down a certain hallway. To which some of the kids. Callum included went to that area and no staff stopped them. Callum thought it was all just a prank.”

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And this is the other side of the ‘wasting time and resources’ argument.

If parents insist that a school is always evacuated, what else can heads do? 

How can they get the balance right?

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'A drain on resources': Police anger over school hoax bomb scares
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