School demands doctor’s note for pupils asking to use the toilet during lessons

Wales Online is reporting that a school has sent out messages to parents asking that their children provide a medical note if they need to go to the toilet during lessons.

St Teilo’s Church in Wales High School in Cardiff said it sent the message via text to all parents of year 11 pupils at the school.

The school’s assistant headteacher Ian Loynd said the aim was not to stop pupils using facilities if they needed to but to ensure those with medical conditions were allowed out as regularly as they needed.

The text reads: “If your child needs to be allowed out of lessons to go to the toilet then please provide a medical note in the next week so they can be issued with a pass.”

Carolyn Maggs, whose 15-year-old daughter is in year 11 at the school, said she was shocked and horrified to receive the message.

“It’s absolutely disgusting. It’s appalling.

“I spoke to the doctor this morning and they said I would need to bring my daughter down for a check and there was a charge for the letter. I think it’s £25.

“I’m now having to pay for my daughter to use the loo.”

St Teilo’s head teacher Ceri Weatherall said: “We regret that a parent has misunderstood the intention behind this text message.

“St Teilo’s prides itself on its robust safeguarding measures and we believe that children are most safe when in class and under the supervision of a teacher.

“If a child is required to go to the toilet more than expected, we ask that parents alert us to this fact so that we can issue a pass to the child to take away any embarrassment or anxiety.

“Those children who use such passes report to us that their school experience is much improved as a result…”

One teacher, who did not want to be named, said all schools had problems with some children not wanting to be in lessons using endless requests to go to the toilet as an excuse for missing class.

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We reported a similar story from a school in Kent last year.

Would you say there are sometimes issues around children abusing the opportunity to leave lessons in order to go to the toilet?

If so, how should schools handle it and is the approach taken by this school in Wales reasonable?

Please give us your feedback in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. suzyg001

    SchoolsImprove Why not get kids to use the loo at break times? Standard practice at one time (& supervised), so few interruptions.

  2. suzyg001 SchoolsImprove Most pupils use the loo at breaktimes – it’s only a small number who request in-lesson loo visits.  Teachers soon know which ones abuse this ( eg requesting too often, returning smelling of smoke).  There are emergency situations where a pupil might need to visit the loo urgently (eg girls realising their period has unexpectedly arrived).  Requesting a doctor’s note from all parents is OTT.

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