School criticised after gang of girls attacked two teenagers in a fortnight – allegedly leaving one with broken ribs

The Mirror is reporting that a school has been criticised after a gang of girls attacked two teenagers in a fortnight – allegedly leaving one with broken ribs. 

The gang of teen girls allegedly targeted 16-year-old Leah Green in the school canteen after a dispute erupted over a Snapchat post. 

Another member of the group set upon her in the toilets moments later before ushering her into the corridor, it is claimed.

She was then allegedly pushed to the floor and kicked by the thugs.

Leah was then excluded from Silverdale School in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, for a day after the attack.

Police are now investigating the incident after they were called to the school following reports of an assault.

Another girl, who was attacked 15 days before Leah, was taken to hospital with suspected broken ribs and a facial injury after being pounced on by a gang…

The girls that attacked Leah were excluded from school for four days, but Natasha believes that police should have been involved and the school should have handed out more severe punishments…

Roisin Paul, headteacher at Silverdale School, said: “Silverdale does not condone or tolerate violence of any description in school…

“However, there are no connections between both events, which are very rare incidents at Silverdale school…”

More at: Schoolgirl ‘left with broken ribs after being attacked by gang of teen thugs in row over Snapchat’


It is impossible to know from the report if this is a case of “she said… no, she said…” or something more significant.

To make things more complicated, other media outlets suggest there may be a racial component to the incidents but, whether that is true or not, it is certainly a difficult situation for the school now attention has been focussed on it. 

Any thoughts on how best to handle a situation like this?

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  1. LaCatholicState

    SchoolsImprove Good. Assaults that happen inside schools are criminal too, and it’s about time police were called! Disgraceful conduct.

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