School considers mobile ban after pupils film attack

The BBC is reporting that a school could ban mobile phones after pupils filmed a boy being slashed with a knife and posted it online.

Worle Community School in Weston-super-Mare told parents it would “reconsider” its policy with a view to “banning them completely during the school day”.

On Monday, two teenagers were arrested after a 15-year-old boy was left with minor injuries.

They have been released on bail. The school said staff and pupils had been “shocked” and “saddened” by events.

Since April 2007, teachers have had the legal right to confiscate items from pupils but there is no UK government policy about mobile phone use in England with individual schools making their own policy.

In a letter to parents, Head Teacher Peter Binding said student safety was a “prime concern” and warned that in future they would “enforce the right” to search pupil’s belongings and lockers.

He added: “As a consequence of the actions of a minority of students who filmed the incident and posted it online, the school will reconsider its policy towards mobile devices with a view to banning them completely during the school day.”

A spokesman for the school said: “The school will be looking into our mobile phone policy and will be making a decision after a consultation with the school governors, senior leadership team and local authority…”

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Teenagers are used to filming and posting everything of significance that happens so how do you get them to realise when it isn’t appropriate?

And what do you think of the school’s position here? A ban during the school day it something that research has suggested would be a good thing anyway.

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  1. WallMichelle

    SchoolsImprove they should be anyway. How can there learn effectively if they are surgically attached to a phone!

  2. willott333

    SchoolsImprove it’s a not the phone that is the issue so to speak, it’s the facilities on them. No need for video, Internet etc, 1/2

  3. willott333

    SchoolsImprove 2/2 children just need the function to call or text in emergencies. Bigger issue than school can deal with alone!

  4. MannersDavey

    SchoolsImprove Why should they ban them! Just deal with the behaviour and issue stiffer consequences. Unless you have something to hide?

  5. Britinfloridaus

    Children do not need mobiles. When I was a child we did not have a phone yet alone mobiles. Without mobiles there would be less cyber bullying

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