School caretaker earns £50,000 a year – double the pay of a newly qualified teacher

The Daily Mail is upset about teachers’ pay (well, sort of) in a report about a primary school caretaker who is being paid £50,000 a year in Essex. This is from the Daily Mail… 

The worker, identified as Mr Wootton, at Ravenscroft School in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, received a basic package worth £38,000 which was topped up with an extra £14,500 for overtime and groundsman duties.

In contrast, primary school teachers in the area start on salaries of just over £25,117.

The staggering pay package was attacked today by the local MP Douglas Carswell who said the senior management need to ‘get a grip’.

The school’s budget for 2010-11 also shows the caretaker’s income was £13,000 more than what was being allocated for special educational needs.

Mr Wootton joined the school 31 years ago after leaving the Royal Navy and has received the same basic pay for the last five years.

Governors are responsible for hiring the caretaker and deciding how much they should be paid.

Conservative MP Mr Carswell, who has worked as a governor at a neighbouring school, said it was unheard of for a caretaker to be paid so much.

‘I think the senior management team need to get a grip. This money should be spent on special needs and maths teachers,’ he said.

‘There has been a weakness in senior management at the school for several years. This school is screaming out to be made into an academy.

‘Most mums and dads will ask how can it possibly be right that a large sum of money is going on a caretaker rather than on raising standards or literacy.’

A spokesman for the school said today it was cheaper to top up the caretaker’s pay with additional payments to do extra work rather than to bring in an outside contractor.

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