School buys sewing machine to appease uniform anger

Cambridge News is reporting that a local secondary school has bought an embroidery machine in an attempt to end a long-running uniform feud between teachers and pupils…

Staff at Comberton Village College, which has banned skinny and flared trousers and requires parents to buy a specific brand, will charge a small fee to sew badges onto approved uniform for students.

Last month parents started a petition against the school telling them pupils could only wear logo-emblazoned trousers bought from a single supplier.

Peter Law, head of school, said they have listened to parents who pointed out it was unfair they have to buy new uniform, when the trousers their children currently wear have been already been judged acceptable by the school.

One mother asked the school to make sure all children had trousers with logos to stop arguments breaking out at home because some got away with wearing fashionable trousers without the logos.

Mr Law said: “We have just bought an embroidery machine, of the sort tailors use, which we can use to attach logos to trousers.

If a pupil comes to us and says the trousers they have been using have been approved by us previously we will embroider them to save parents buying another pair.

“It’s a simple and effective solution for parents, pupils and the school…”

More at: Cambridgeshire school buys sewing machine to appease uniform anger


This actually sounds like a really sensible solution to the issue of approved uniform – what do you think?

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