School buys double-decker bus on Ebay to ease overcrowding

The Telegraph is reporting that a school has relieved pressure on its overcrowded classrooms by purchasing an old double-decker bus on Ebay and kitting it out for teaching…

Central First School, a primary in Ashington, Northumberland, bought the bus for £5,000 on the auction site rather than stump up “astronomical” funds of up to £150,000 to expand the main school building.

The vehicle cost a further £3,000 to convert into a classroom, complete with internet, electricity, and central heating, although pupils still have to go into the main school to go to the toilet.

The principal, self-confessed “Ebay addict” David Godfrey, described the project as a “needs-led idea” to help pupils, many of whom are from the most deprived backgrounds, with literacy, numeracy and speech therapy.

Mr Godfrey told BBC Radio 5Live that they had “reached the end of the line” with the school’s original building, with toilets and cupboards already converted into teaching space.

Under the government’s pupil premium scheme, primary school pupils receive an extra £1,300 for each pupil that is on free school meals, to pay for extra help with reading and writing.

But Mr Godfrey said that the school, which teaches children aged three to nine, was struggling to find extra room to teach the extra sessions, which are taught to pupils in small groups.

The upstairs level of the bus has room for 15-20 kids, while smaller speech and language therapy sessions, of no more than four children, take place downstairs.

Mr Godfrey added: “I’m quite a big fan of some of the TV programmes out there, Amazing Spaces [on Channel 4], those kinds of things. People have been really quite innovative with their use of space…

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Great initiative from Mr Godfrey and his team although it obviously emphasises the extent of the problem facing overcrowded school. What’s the best space-creative scheme you’ve seen at a school? Please share in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. getcarter66

    andylutwyche I agree innovation is great but lot money has been spent & wasted. Austerity may have nothing to with it?? SchoolsImprove

  2. andylutwyche

    getcarter66 SchoolsImprove Agreed – my point being this particular idea seems to work so fair enough. Many don’t

  3. getcarter66

    andylutwyche Yep good point-but I wouldn’t want to be sat on it in summer or winter-it should not be a classroom full time SchoolsImprove

  4. andylutwyche

    getcarter66 SchoolsImprove Fair point although the article suggests that they’ve tried to adapt it to cope with that

  5. getcarter66

    andylutwyche Open text book-when school buildings R involved. Should be for fun outside short lessons not Temp/permanent SchoolsImprove

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