School bomb threat hoaxers are just looking for attention, says education secretary

The Birmingham Mail is reporting that Nicky Morgan has told them in an interview that schools have to take bomb threats seriously but she fears it could damage pupils’ education.

Hoaxers causing chaos in Birmingham schools by issuing bomb threats against Birmingham schools are simply looking for attention, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has said.

But she said the Department for Education was working with police to try to find out who was behind the threats.

And Mrs Morgan said schools had to take the threats seriously – even though she was worried about the impact it would have on pupils’ education…

Six more bomb threats were made to West Midlands schools on Monday in a series of hoaxes.

Fourteen schools and academies around Birmingham and the Black Country were evacuated last Thursday. A further six hoax calls were made three days earlier and another six schools were sent home the previous week.

Mrs Morgan said: “What these people seem to want, these hoaxers, is attention. What we don’t want to do is give the perpetrators lots of publicity.

“We always take every incident seriously. Schools have emergency procedures in place.

“We are working with the police and want the police to find who is doing this. The last thing we want is attendance to be disrupted.”

Even missing half a day of school could damage a child’s education, she said…

More at: School bomb threat hoaxers are just looking for attention, says Education Secretary


See also from the Birmingham Mail: Schools bomb hoaxes waste over half a million pounds in education funding


It’s well worth reading the full interview as Nicky Morgan expresses opinions on a range of topical issues including extremism, Teach First and recruitment, RSCs and parents in pyjamas.

Your reactions to these comments on bomb threats or any of the other points the education secretary makes?

Is not one of the problems here that it is fine to be working with the police, but some of these threats could be originating anywhere around the globe via the internet. It’s not really that simple any more, is it? 

Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. Alan OSullivan

    Frustratingly schools have no other choice than to treat any such call / threat as a potentially real one,such is the current terrorist threat. Health and safety of its pupils is any school’s chief concern.

  2. Those pupils aren’t seeking attention – they are being deliberately disruptive.  It’s a laugh and all the better if they aren’t identified.
    They know schools have no choice but to take the threats seriously.  And they enjoy seeing the disruption their actions cause.

  3. TW

    Will nothing stop this simpleton?  Still she’s yakking about wanting to be party leader.  Surely the Tories would never be that desperate?

    It is up to her to issue national guidance on how schools should react.  She only has to say schools should follow police advice and then professional police judgement could advise on how credible the threats are.  Then potentially schools could stay open, following the lead set by New York.  Effectively she is saying schools have to abide by institutional panic and behave like Los Angeles.

  4. TW

    ajvjsarge Is that so?  Presumably you would therefore have no objection to anyone making a bomb threat about your home on a daily basis?  Just leave your full name and address.

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