School bomb hoaxer slammed by police

The Sheffield Telegraph is reporting that police have strongly criticised a hoaxer who sparked the evacuation of a Sheffield school and warned: “This will not be tolerated.” 

Officers were called to Fir Vale School after a bomb threat was made on Monday.

The school was evacuated while officers searched the premises. Police said nothing was found and there was ‘no intelligence to suggest’ any risk was posed to the school.

Chf Insp Richard Lambert said: “Following the events in Paris, the public are understandably concerned about their safety and while the advice is that communities should remain vigilant, they should be reassured that the threat has not increased in the UK at this time.

“Monday’s events had a significant impact on the local community, with children being sent home from school and parents having to take time off work to arrange alternative childcare.

“In addition, there was a significant draw on police resources while officers worked to ensure the safety of the school buildings and to ascertain the validity of the threat…

“The repercussions of making such a call can be severe and I want to reassure the community we are treating this hoax incredibly seriously.”

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I’ve said before that I worry that this is going to become a more and more common event – it is so easy for someone with a grudge or just for a prank to create this kind of alert nowadays.

The tricky question is whether schools should be prepared to ignore some threats or if they will always need to evacuate every time?

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