School backtracks on skirt ban and sets up ‘focus group’ to discuss uniform rules

The Herald is reporting that a Plymouth school which had announced a ban on girls  wearing skirts because too many were wearing them too short has put the rule change ‘on hold’…

A message to parents from Plymstock School, seen by The Herald, says the ban on skirts will be the subject of focus groups set up to discuss uniform policy.

Plymstock School hit the headlines yesterday when it was revealed a letter was sent to parents saying that from September all girls will have to wear dark grey trousers.

The letter says that while the girls may leave home with their skirts at a decent length, by the time they get to class they have been rolled up.

The letter reads: “time wasted addressing skirt issues would be better spent focusing on teaching and learning”.

Neither the school or Plymouth City Council commented on the move.

Now the school has thanked parents from their feedback following the revealed rule change and says discussion groups will be set up so a decision on uniform can be made…

More at: Plymouth school backtracks on skirt ban and sets up ‘focus group’ to discuss uniform rules


This story got a lot of attention last week, not least because of some of the comments made by the headteacher for the reasons behind the ban, but do you think this latest development sounds a sensible way forward?

Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. 5N_Afzal

    Yes, think so. School is now acting sensibly and parents must back school in the enforcement of rules

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