School apologises for ‘bread and butter’ letter for pupils who forgot lunch money

The BBC is reporting that a school has apologised for telling parents their children would be given bread and butter when they forget their dinner money.

Alban Church of England Academy in Great Barford reversed the decision after complaints from parents.

The school said children had turned up without a packed lunch or dinner money more than 100 times in the past month…

She said the meals cost £2.10 a day and that its suppliers, Caterlink, had a strict “no debt” policy.

That meant The Alban had to fund the cost of each meal and would then have to recoup the money from parents.

She wrote: “Pupils are reminded to bring the money in the next day but frequently forget and parents then have to be sent texts and even letters if they fail to pay.

“As I am sure you can appreciate, this takes a considerable amount of time to administer and incurs extra costs to the school, which can be ill-afforded with the increasing tightening of school budgets.”

The Bedfordshire school had decided that from next month, if a child arrived without dinner money or a packed lunch, office staff would first try to call parents.

However if no provision were made “the child will be provided with a drink and bread and butter only.”

However following complaints from parents, Mrs Lourensz wrote a second letter. 

It said: “Following a number of parental concerns regarding the recent school meals letter we have decided to re-think our policy and will not be introducing the new system outlined in that letter.

“I apologise if this has caused any offence, this was not our intention.

“The letter itself was intended to explain the situation and trial a policy that has been successfully adopted by other schools. Please accept our sincere apologies.”

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If this keeps happening then presumably it can become a significant issue for schools so what should they do?

Reactions and suggestions please!

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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Interesting change in mindset; parents forgetting to provide children with food or £ for food is now school’s fault/problem

  2. ballater6

    andylutwyche SchoolsImprove yep, strange how some wouldn’t go to supermarket for goods and say we forgot the money so let’s have the goods

  3. andylutwyche

    ballater6 SchoolsImprove Quite – I would put money on those “offended” being serial (no pun intended) offenders.

  4. andylutwyche

    ballater6 SchoolsImprove Forgetting once or twice is understandable but by all accounts this was a regular issue for some

  5. TW

    Fiona31814  Right, because school budgets are so vast there is no difficulty in employing staff to ask parents if they are bothered whether or not their children are fed.

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