Satsshambles: Heads demand publication of ‘secret’ marking guidance

The Tes reports that Sats markers’ were told to dispose of guidance after use.

Headteachers say that “secret” guidance given to Sats markers should be made available to all schools.

The call comes after teachers took to Twitter to share their anger over numerous examples of answers in the spelling, grammar and punctuation (Spag) that they thought had been wrongly marked according to the official mark scheme.

Now Russell Hobby, general secretary of the NAHT heads’ union, has called for all guidance to be published.

“All forms of marking guidance should be transparent and available to schools,” he said. “You need to tell teachers this [the marking guidance] in advance, otherwise people feel the goalposts have shifted and what you are trying to do is catch children out rather than recording what has been taught.” 

Mr Hobby said: “In our view, the official STA published guidance is relatively straightforward and usable. The training and preparation of markers seems to have departed from common sense.

“If teachers can’t be successful because of marking criteria that they didn’t see, that is Kafkaesque. You are appealing against a system but you don’t know the rules.”​

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Teachers spend months with stressed students making sure they are prepared and ready for SATs, surely they should have SATs marker available to them. What do you think? Comment below or via Twitter – Mercedes 

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  1. Joanne Warburton

    We all know that SATs ARE there to catch the children out, not to show them at their best, because it’s not about the children, it’s about checking up on schools!

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