Sats: Jump in marks needed for seven-year-olds to reach expected standard in reading.

Conversion tables showing how many marks are needed to reach the expected level in each subject are being emailed to schools reports the TES. 

The scores needed by six and seven-year-old pupils to reach the expected standard in their key stage 1 tests were emailed to schools yesterday by the Standards and Testing Agency (STA).

In reading, the score needed has jumped from 22 out of 40 last year to 25 out of 40 this year.

In spelling, grammar and punctuation there has been a slight drop, from 25 out of 40 marks last year to 24 out of 40 marks this year. In maths, pupils were at the expected level if they got 36 out of 60 marks – a drop from 37 out of 60 in 2016.

Michael Tidd, deputy head at Edgewood primary, Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, said: “The increase of three points needed to meet the expected standard at KS1 will raise questions for schools about the forthcoming KS2 scaled score conversions. The change from 22 to 25 marks represents a shift from 55 per cent to more than 62 per cent required to meet the expected standard.

The reading and maths test results are used by teachers to support their teacher assessment judgements. The teacher assessment is reported, but the test results are not.

The tables sent to schools show what raw score is needed on the test to achieve the scaled score, where a scaled score of 100 means the pupil has met the expected level.

To see the tables and read more Sats: Jump in marks needed for seven-year-olds to reach expected standard in reading.

Do you think the  increased reading mark is achievable? What does it mean for KS2? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin

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