Sales apprentice buys her own home aged just 20 after working five jobs rather than going to university

A financially-savvy young woman managed to buy her first home with no help at the age of just 20 – and credits leaving school at 17 to pursue an apprenticeship,  reports The Independent. 

Remarkable Jennie Crockart, now 21, began saving money from the age of just 16, by which point she was working five part-time jobs alongside studying for AS Levels.

By 17, Jennie decided to leave school to pursue her dream of becoming a salesperson – and was quickly able to save up to £500 a month from her apprenticeship.

Jennie, a Level 3 Advanced Sales apprentice at commercial furnishings company Furnished Homes in Yate, said: “Growing up, my parents didn’t have lots of spare money but they always told me that when I had my own job I could afford to buy whatever I liked,” she said.

At 17, Jennie made the tough decision to leave school before her A-Levels, and enrolled on a sales apprenticeship scheme with Furnished Homes.

She said: “At 17, it was a great way to start out. It’s a brilliant way to start a career in sales.”

And she encourages any youngsters considering an apprenticeship to “go for it”.

“Starting my career at such a young age has taught me a lot about life, and I’m exactly where I want to be at the moment,” she said.

“With an apprenticeship they’ll take you on, teach you how to sell, show you the ropes. It’s acknowledged you are learning and so you can progress from the bottom up without the pressure to perform amazingly from the word go.”

A success story to show it can be done Sales apprentice buys her own home aged just 20 after working five jobs rather than going to university

Determination, guts and a good apprenticeship can pay off. Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin 

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  1. wasateacher

    Unfortunately, this does not apply to teachers or anyone else who needs to graduate, nor does it apply in areas of extortionate house prices. Is the message of this that we should all go into sales, selling things no-one wants to others who are selling things that no-one wants? What happens to the public services that this enterprising young woman depends on and will continue to depend on for the rest of her life.

    This is a very nasty cynical piece of ‘journalism’.

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