Safety alert as 1,200 pupils a month involved in road accidents

New research has been published showing that nearly 1,200 children a month are involved in collisions within 500 metres of school gates. This is from the Times

Almost 86,000 children have been involved in road accidents around British schools in the past six years, analysis of official figures and police crash reports shows.

An online tool has been designed to highlight all the casualties and collisions within a 500-metre radius of 29,142 schools. Researchers hope that the data will highlight the risks children face on roads and help local authorities and head teachers to make school runs safer.

The analysis shows that the greatest number of collisions near schools happen in London; 13 per cent of child road accidents from the past six years and 22 per cent of collisions close to schools were in London. School locations in Manchester, Liverpool, Bradford, Oldham, Leicester, Birmingham and Nottingham also suffer a large number of casualties.

Westminster had the highest number of people of all ages injured on the roads close to schools, at 89.8 per school area during the study period, and the highest number of people killed or seriously injured, at 13 per school area. Manchester had the highest number of child injuries, at 7 per school area, followed by Liverpool at 6.8.

The lowest child casualty rates were around schools in Swansea and Cardiff, at 3.6 and 3.3 casualties per school area over the six years.

Dan Campsall, director of Road Safety Analysis, which conducted the research, said that the London boroughs were likely to have a higher number of accidents because many schools were close to busy roads with heavy traffic volumes, alongside high numbers of pedestrians and cyclists.

He said that he hoped parents, teachers and civic leaders would use the data to improve safety in their local areas. “It is important that these groups are able to understand the immediate road risks around their schools if they are going to work effectively to secure safer communities for children.”

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