Sacked Education Secretary Michael Gove still sees papers via allies allowing him to ‘back-seat drive’ department

The Independent is reporting claims that Michael Gove is still receiving copies of the Secretary of State for Education’s paperwork in his red box every night despite being sacked from that job six months ago…

Allies of the Chief Whip are funnelling copies of the documentation, which also goes to his successor, Nicky Morgan, to Mr Gove through Whitehall back channels in addition to red box papers relating to his day job.

The extraordinary claim, made by a source in No 10, underlines complaints by allies of Mrs Morgan that Mr Gove is continuing to meddle in his former department and block any attempt to water down his legacy as a controversial and reforming education secretary. The discontent reached a peak in December when Mrs Morgan reached out to teachers and said she was not going to wage an ideological war in education – seen as a clear criticism of Mr Gove’s approach…

The red box row is the latest sign of discontent in Whitehall at Mr Gove’s “back-seat driving” on education, as one source described it. Like all ministers, Mr Gove receives a red box every night. In his role as Chief Whip, he gets to see paperwork that is also seen by the Prime Minister in his red box, including summaries of what is going on across government – something that has alarmed ministers. But, in addition to that, he is also being passed detailed Department for Education (DfE) paperwork, which is extremely unusual.

While Mr Gove has steered clear of the DfE building, there is still a network of allies loyal to their old boss who can provide him with a constant supply of important paperwork. What is more, say sources, he feeds back his concerns and responses into the department…

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  1. wandawilliams2

    SchoolsImprove leftferret cant take the likes of cameron ms morgan seieiously both private educated ostritches !!

  2. patmcburt

    wandawilliams2 leftferret SchoolsImprove Lets upset Cameron
    Get Ian Axton “Interview” go Viral
    #PoshDave “Marr never ??’s Me like that”

  3. Janet2

    Is anyone surprised?  Gove’s malign influence was always going to be present.  That’s why Gibb was shoved back into the DfE after having been previously sacked.  He’s Gove’s man.  Morgan is just the window dressing.

  4. diasporahighsch

    SchoolsImprove It’s called ‘Tricks of the trade’. More fool all of us who cheered when he went. Went? No, he’s still there!

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