The ‘robots’ in our schools – Wilshaw has a pop at unions, grammar school teachers and fad driven heads

The Tes reports that Former Ofsted chief mocks unions, grammar school teachers and fad driven heads by comparing them to robots.

At the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai, Sir Michael Wilshaw took part in a debate, arguing for the motion: “This House welcomes the rise of the robots to replace teachers”.

He then set out for types of “robot” teacher which he said “most of us” can recognise:

1. ‘The I don’t need help robot’

2. ‘The union robot’

3. ‘The smart new robot’

4. ‘The senior principal robot’

“The smartest and shiniest of all the senior robots is the one who loves being outside the cupboard, loves being with the other computers and has a microchip which allows it to solve problems, multitask and adapt to different situations. This really smart senior robot works really well with the smart apple junior robot. They both go out of their way to make and develop lots of other smart robots.”

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  1. This from the man who got out of the classroom as fast as he could and has made a career out of criticising what everyone else does. One is tempted to think that is the only thing he is good at. I don’t know what he was like as a head, but I am grateful for those ‘union robots’ who supported me when I was bullied by 2 heads, a deputy head and falsely accused of a serious crime by a parent. Teachers are extremely vulnerable and, if the school has an ambitious head, may need those robots in order to survive. Why does Woodhead think that so many teachers are leaving the job? He may well be right about those who spend more time on spreadsheets and ‘performance management’, but, frankly, I can’t be bother to read the full article. Like some of our departed party leaders, he has very little of relevance to say now.

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