Road safety: Insurers show accidents near schools

Insurers also say 37% of local school areas had at least one child road injury each year from 2006 to 2011 and are launching an online tool for parents. This is from the BBC

The online index has been compiled by the research group Road Safety Analysis and Axa Car Insurance, who say it will help parents understand “the risks associated with the roads around their local schools to keep their children safe”.

The website will show how many vehicle collisions, including those involving children, have happened within 500m (a third of a mile) of the school gate.

The tool draws on data from the past six years, which the backers say shows there were 85,814 child injuries on roads within a 500m radius of schools, the equivalent of 1,190 a month.

Only one in five schools had no children injured in accidents within that distance over that period, the researchers say.

Separate figures used by the site also suggest there were 557,200 vehicle collisions around schools in the period 2006 to 2011, the equivalent of six collisions per school per year on average.

These collisions included any incident reported to police involving any vehicle on a local road, including those that did not result in injuries.

Some of these accidents were in the school holidays and child injury numbers do not necessarily refer to pupils at that particular school.

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