The rise of the JoJo bow: a classroom menace?

The TES is reporting on the latest craze hitting schools.

“Tall hair and big bows,” states a primary teacher in the north of England. “The KS2 girls (especially the in-crowd) have started wearing their hair piled up in buns decorated with large bows. They are intent on making a statement.”

“Some of them are ridiculous,” says a Year 6 teacher in the South West. “Our school has sent boys home for a slightly dubious haircut but we have yet to challenge girls with enormous bows in their hair.”

TES behaviour columnist Tracey Lawrence advises that, before trying to enforce the uniform policy, you check that the specifics of what can and can’t be worn have been clearly communicated to parents and to all members of staff.

“Without this communication, there is reason for misunderstanding and conflict when enforcing your rules,” she says.

“There is no need to challenge in public and I would suggest that you didn’t. A quiet word with a child may be all that is required for them. It may even be an option to discuss uniform expectations alongside the behaviour expectations in a termly assembly,” Lawrence says.

Of course, it may be that your school would rather ride out the trend until it inevitably crumples and morphs into the next big thing. And if you believe you can’t beat them, you might as well join them. 

More at: The rise of the JoJo bow: a classroom menace?

Have JoJo bows hit your school yet? What is your school doing about them? Riding out the trend or taking a stand? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter. ~ Sophie

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