Rich foreigners should pay three times more than British pupils at private schools, says expert

The Telegraph is reporting suggestions that top private schools should charge foreign students three times more than British pupils so they can ‘bring back the middle classes’.

Charles Bonas argues it is unfair for international students to benefit from fees that are substantially less than places like Switzerland and the US when they come from countries with lower or non-existence tax. 

The co-organiser of the Independent Schools Show said foreign students should pay significantly more because “most international parents do not make significant contributions” to the British economy over many generations…

Speaking to the The Telegraph, Mr Bonas said: “Top private schools are oversubscribed so they can fill their places several times over but with fees at £35,000 they have become unaffordable to the squeezed middle. 

“Yet if you look at Switzerland, boarding schools are charging much higher fees. But they have become the preserve of the international rich. The great thing about British boarding schools is that they can encourage social mobility because they’ve got many children on bursaries. 

“Still, it is very important that the increasingly squeezed middle classes pay fees that are affordable to them…” 

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Any thoughts on the idea of private schools charging overseas students up to £100,000 a year in order to subsidise fees to British middle class families?

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    DoWise The lower middle classes have been suffering since the end of the grammar schools; now the upper middle classes are feeling the pain

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