Revealed: Top career aspirations for today’s primary school children

The Telegraph reports that primary school children would rather be a YouTube star than a pop singer or actor, a survey backed by University College London and the OECD has found.

A report analyses the responses of over British 13,000 children aged seven to 11 who were asked about their career aspirations.

The fourth most popular answer for youngsters was pursuing a career in “social media and gaming”. Meanwhile, becoming a singer or musician came ninth and pursuing a career as an actor was ranked thirteenth.

The authors of the report, titled Drawing the Future, said their findings showed a “shift in the aspirations of children” which they said is “built largely upon new communication methods and the growth of online and console based gaming”.

“While it may be argued that this new YouTube based ‘celebrity’ culture may be an issue or problem, these careers  – vloggers, professional gamers and game designers – are increasingly valid career options for children and young people.”

Meanwhile, becoming a teacher or lecturer was the most popular option for girls, followed by vet, sportswoman, doctor and artist.

Children of white British ethnicity did not feature a scientist or doctor in their top five jobs, the report said, whereas their peers from Asian and black, African or Caribbean backgrounds did.

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