The return of touch typing: Leading schools put the skill on the timetable to make pupils more employable.

The Daily Mail reports that it was once an undervalued skill limited to clerks and secretaries working in the company typing pool. But in 2017 the ability to touch type at speed is seen as an essential asset in the jobs market.

Brighton College, a top independent school, is one of the first to introduce lessons for pupils. Eton is also understood to have brought in touch typing classes and the move could be followed by state schools across the country.

Pupils in Year 9 – aged 13 and 14 – at Brighton College are being taught how to type at speed without looking down at the keyboard by New Zealand expert June Perry. She has patented her own method which promises to eradicate slow two-finger typing in just a few hours. 

 Leah Hamblett, deputy head, said: ‘These children are the generation which have mastered all number of computer software programmes yet they have not been taught the most basic skill of all – how to type. It’s like teaching them to write without showing them how to hold a pen. The vast majority of our pupils will go onto university and then to a job that will require them to type.

‘Why not give them the skill so that it is second nature meaning that they can put all their mental effort into the actual task they are working on and simultaneously save an awful lot of time not having to search around for keys?’

A few years ago the TUC campaigned for touch typing to be introduced into British state schools. Currently schools can offer touch typing as a club activity but there is not Department of Education mandate to teach it.

Touch typing is already being routinely taught in many foreign schools. Since 2016, all Finnish school were required by law to teach pupils how to touch type and speed write text messages.

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Is touch typing is a necessity in today’s world of employment? Would you welcome touch typing lessons in your school? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin. 

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