‘Reduce teaching time to improve quality,’ says headmaster

The Telegraph is reporting that a head teacher has called for the number of teaching hours to be cut because too much “dead” time is wasted on “tedious” lessons for both students and teachers…

Peter Tait, headmaster of Sherborne Preparatory school in Dorset, said children need to be taught time management skills and must not be forced to take extra time for tutoring or classes.

His comments followed suggestions earlier this year that schools should have longer days and shorter holidays.

But speaking with the Daily Telegraph, Mr Tait said: “I don’t think children need to have long school terms or long school hours. We don’t need to have extra classes or a whole tutoring industry to drive our children…”

He said his school had gotten rid of Saturday lessons altogether, had incorporated homework as part of the normal school day and had reduced teaching hours overall from 28 to 25 hours week. As a result, he said results as a whole improved.

He also pointed to the headmaster of Basildon Academies, Rory Fox, who in 2011 reduced teaching hours from 30 hours to 27.5 hours a week and managed to improve results in his school…

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Mr Tait is obviously speaking from the independent sector but does also use a state school example where a reduction in teaching hours has, apparently, been undertaken while results have improved.

What do you think? If goes against the trend these days for school days to become longer and longer but is there merit in the argument of quality over quantity?

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