Record numbers of lessons seen by Ofsted branded ‘inadequate’

Rising numbers of lessons observed by Ofsted are being branded “inadequate” amid continuing concerns over teaching standards, it has emerged. This is from the Telegraph…

Figures published for the first time show that almost one-in-20 lessons seen by inspectors in the last academic year have gained the lowest possible mark.

It was also revealed that at least one-in-10 lessons were inadequate in six local authority areas, compared with none just 12 months earlier.

The disclosure follows the publication of Ofsted’s annual report last year that showed teaching was “still too variable” in English state schools, impacting on pupils’ results and fuelling bad behaviour in the classroom.

Poor teachers relied too heavily on worksheets and a narrow range of textbooks during lessons, it was claimed. They also often spent too long talking, set “low-level” tasks that failed to develop pupils’ knowledge and struggled to mark written work properly, said Ofsted.

The watchdog now wants schools to establish a closer link between teachers’ performance and pay.

Speaking last week, Sir Michael Wilshaw, the chief inspector, sparked controversy when he said that schools should consider blocking pay rises for teachers who persist in being “out the gate at 3 o’clock”.

Ofsted currently observe individual teachers’ lessons and judgments made in the classroom contribute towards overall reports drawn up on schools.

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