“Reciprocate fee levels” after Brexit says UK HE body MillionPlus

An association of 20 British universities has called on the UK government to introduce “fee reciprocity” for EU students once the nation has left the European Union. PIE News reports.

In a policy paper, MillionPlus – the association of Modern Universities – suggested that the Westminster government should “follow the example of Australia-New Zealand and the Nordic countries” to make reciprocal student fee deals “both during and after the Brexit implementation period”.

This should result in a new student classification, a “‘European student status”, instead of including students originating from EU member states in the ‘international student’ bracket, the organisation declared.

“Anyone from an EU nation enrolling at a UK university should be guaranteed a new ‘European student status’ reflecting similar terms to home UK students concerning university fee levels. These terms would be reciprocated by EU nations for UK students studying on the continent who would also pay the local fee, not revert to full ‘international student’ status,” it said.

MillionPlus, which describes itself as “the voice of 21st century higher education” and represents 20 UK universities, used HEPI data to warn of a “hugely damaging” decline in the number of EU students enrolled at UK institutions, further warning that modern universities would be worst affected.

“Economic modelling suggests a drastic drop of 47% in the number of EU students coming to study in the UK, with modern universities likely to be hardest hit by such a reduction,” the policy paper states.

Maintaining good trading relations, in which student mobility should be included,  “should be a cornerstone of the new relationship” the paper posits.

To this end, MillionPlus suggested following the lead of Australia-New Zealand, or several Scandinavian nations, who do not erect barriers to student movement as “there are enormous benefits to making student exchange across borders easy and attractive”.

It urges the government to aim for a similar relationship with the EU after the UK’s departure, saying such a relationship will be “a win-win outcome”.

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