RE teacher who had sexual relationship with sixth-form boy after asking him to walk her dog banned from classroom for life

The Mirror is reporting that a teacher who had a sexual relationship with a sixth-former after inviting him to walk her dog has been banned from the classroom for life…

Joanne Clarke only had sex with the boy once he was 18 and left her school – but admitted her motives for striking up friendship were “sexually motivated”.

Their growing friendship may have contributed to him deciding to leave and go to college, a teaching panel heard.

The boy, named only as Pupil A, was a sixth former at Friesland School in Nottingham where Ms Clarke worked as a sociology and religious studies teacher from January 2007…

The relationship continued after Pupil A went to college and became sexual when he was over the age of 18 and had left the school.

She said the pupil’s family became aware of the affair and the teacher even spent several nights at the boy’s mother’s house over Christmas.

But Ms Clarke, now 33, was found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct and admitted she had acted ‘inappropriately’.

She has been prohibited indefinitely from teaching in any school, sixth-form college, youth accommodation or children’s home in England…


Anyone at all bothered by this kind of case where the sexual relationship only happened after the student concerned was over the age 18 and had already left the school?

Clearly the suggestion here is that it was planned before and may have led to the boy leaving in the first place, but this does seem to be a very grey area where someone might be punished for what they were thinking rather than what they actually did.

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