Radicalisation is the top IT security concern in UK schools

Education Business reports that radicalisation is seen as the top concern in schools, overtaking cyber bullying and child grooming, research shows.

According to research carried out by Barracuda, a company which provides security and storage solutions to schools, 43 per cent of those responsible for technology in schools do not feel equipped to safeguard pupils from radicalisation.

They found that despite the relaunch of the government’s Prevent duty in 2015, which helped organisations protect pupils from radicalisation and extremism, many people did not know what it was with 26 per cent saying they had never heard of it.

More than 52 per cent of respondents said that the Department for Education has not provided enough information and support on using technology to safeguard children against the issues covered by Prevent duty.

Dr Sangeet Bhullar, founder of WISE KIDS, commented: “Whilst technology can offer some safeguards, ultimately, educators and those with responsibility to safeguard our pupils must look for more effective ways to engage them on issues that affect them like online radicalisation, sexting and cyberbullying.”

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