Racism ‘blighting’ lives of BME teachers, research finds

The Tes reportrs that twice as many black and minority ethnic teachers have experienced discrimination at work compared to white counterparts, according to report by NASUWT and the Runnymede Trust.
Research has found that BME teachers are twice as likely to have experienced workplace discrimination compared to white colleagues, and more likely to have suffered ill health as a result of work and to have considered quitting the profession.
An NASUWT poll of approximately 12,000 teachers conducted last year found that BME teachers share the same commitment and passion for teaching as their white colleagues.

A higher proportion of BME teachers (79 per cent compared to 64 per cent) believed they were not paid at a level “commensurate with their skills and experiences”, and 64 per cent of BME teachers had experienced “verbal abuse by pupils” compared to 51 per cent of their white peers.​

Chris Keates, general secretary of NASUWT, said schools and pupils were “losing out on the talents and skills of BME teachers” as a consequence of them being “held back by racial prejudice and discrimination”.

She called for a “national conversation about racism in the education system” and a commitment from the government and other players “to break down and root out racial discrimination”.

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