Quarter of UK undergraduates believe they will be declared bankrupt by 30

As ‘Generation Debt’ (the first cohort of UK students with tuition-fee debts exceeding £50,000) enters the workforce, research* from challenger bank brand B shows over 40% of current UK university students feel nervous they will never earn a high enough salary to pay off their mounting debt and a quarter (23%) believe they may face bankruptcy by the age of 30. FE News reports.

The survey also estimates around 282,000 students have now stopped studying for their exams and are instead focusing on trying to land a job before they graduate. A third (34%) of students believe they would have been better off joining an apprentice scheme when they left high school and 41% believe a degree no longer means as much as it used to.

According to the research a lack of understanding about how tuition fees will be repaid, with 38% admitting they do not know how much their student loan will be when they graduate. Three quarters (75%) say they are unsure what percentage of their salary will be deducted to pay back their loan once they are in full time employment, while over half (52%) admit to not knowing when they will have to start paying back their student loan.

Thomas Webb, Psychologist at the University of Sheffield says: “The fact that such a high number of students are worried about the implications of the debt they have accrued is especially troubling given that people are usually optimistic about their ability to cope. The reality is the financial problems that current students are likely to face in the future may be even worse than they imagine. Even more worryingly, the findings also suggest that many students have not taken steps to consider the implications of their debt (e.g. when they will have to start paying it back and how they will do so). This seems like a classic case of “the ostrich problem” and points to the need to find ways to help students confront and manage their financial situation.”

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  1. Well, the country will be bankrupt by then, too! It was Blair with his wretched communist ‘Education’ mantra that wrecked these children’s lives.

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