Put counsellors in all schools, says children’s commissioner

The TES is reporting that the children’s commissioner for England has called for all schools to provide counselling for pupils.

Speaking to the Commons Education Committee today, Anne Longfield said that she would support a pilot project to provide counselling in schools, adding that worried children were currently turning to the internet for help.

“Children and young people time and time again tell me that they would like to have people to talk to in schools,” she said.

“I think it certainly should be piloted as a systematic part of the school. My default is that it probably should be made a requirement as part of school. Children say they want it and in Wales it is part of school life.

“There is a real issue about anxiety,” she added. “It is a barometer of health for children. And children are clearly saying that before we get to the stage of a diagnosed mental health condition we want some help with anxiety and we want that to be in schools.”…

Ms Longfield said that in a consultation she held with children about access to mental health services, they had told her that they were most comfortable about going to someone in school, rather than their GP…

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How do you think this could work in practice and what impact do you think it would make?

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  1. martino_helen

    SchoolsImprove RaeSnape Really important to have counsellors in school. My grandchildren’s school has one who does wonders.

  2. DfE advice supports the use of properly-qualified counsellors and offers guidance for whole-school policies.  But the guidance is non-statutory and says schools can use their autonomy to decide whether to follow the guidance or not.  
    However, in the ‘no excuses’ environment prevalent today, counselling is sometimes regarded as wishy-washy.  In a high-profile feature in a Times magazine in July 2014, a head’s ‘zero tolerance policy’ was praised over four pages.  One of the head’s first actions was to sack the school counsellor who the head thought was ‘pandering’ and ‘molly coddling’ pupils.   http://www.localschoolsnetwork.org.uk/2014/07/zero-tolerance-policy-backed-by-gove-turns-colditz-academy-school-around-says-times-but-was-the-previous-school-really-as-bad-as-claimed/

  3. Don

    On one hand, counselors in every school while an excellent idea- can be/would be expensive. Consider as is done in many Canadian schools- employ Child & Youth Workers (trained in mental health) to work in the schools to provide basic counseling/mental health care- to teach students social skills, anger management skills, etc.- to be mentors/life coaches for the students– to be the person they can turn to, to talk to, in times of stress.

  4. alyben

    The problem is cost as usual. We have school counsellor who does a great job, but time and time again I have to justify that slice of the budget as it is not ‘teaching’ and therefore is not seen as neefing to be a priority.

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