Pupils were allowed to change wrong answers moments after sitting national school tests, hearing told

Wales Online is reporting that a professional standards hearing has been told an ex-deputy head instructed teachers at his Welsh primary school to give pupils extra time and let them change wrong answers in their national tests. 

Wayne Millard was working as the deputy head teacher at Rogerstone Primary School in Newport when complaints from parents about the circumstances of tests led to an investigation. 

The Education Workforce Council heard Mr Millard allowed teachers 10 minutes to look through maths and English national tests and told them to familiarise themselves with the content.

Case presenter Hannah Eales read a statement to the hearing in Cardiff from one of the teachers which stated that Mr Millard told them to “identify any words children would have any difficulty with and make sure they know what they are”. 

Ms Eales added: “As a deputy head teacher he should have ensured this was not done rather than facilitate it.”

None of the teachers said they had been shown the examination guideline manual and were told by Mr Millard to let the pupils have as much time and as many breaks as they needed.

The committee also heard that teachers were told to “tap” on wrong answers to indicate to the child the answer needed to be changed…

He also faces an allegation of instructing a teacher to include specific information in a witness statement and changing the content of the statement.

At the time Mr Millard was working under then headteacher Samantha Yeoman who was struck off in January this year after a General Teaching Council for Wales panel found staff had been allowed to look at national reading and numeracy test papers weeks before the test. She also allowed the pupils to sit in groups and have as much time as was needed…

The hearing continues.

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