Pupils turned away from school for ‘wrong shoes’ allowed back

The BBC is reporting on the situation at a Birmingham school where it was suggested hundreds of children had been sent home for wearing the wrong shoes but that some have now been allowed to return with the same footwear.

Parent Anne-Marie Alder said she had been told her children’s shoes are now “acceptable” by Baverstock Academy.

The school in Druids Heath, Birmingham, implemented a new rule on Tuesday to make plain black shoes compulsory.

Some parents said the policy was harsh but the school said ample notice was given.

Ms Alder, from Druids Heath, said two of her children had been told their “polishable” shoes were now suitable, and her Year 11 daughter who is sitting exams and wore trainers had been loaned a pair by the school.

She said she was not given an explanation as to why the shoes were now deemed acceptable.

Ms Alder said the “ridiculous” decision on Tuesday had led to “chaotic” scenes and about 300 children were sent home…

Baverstock Academy would not say how many pupils were sent home on Tuesday and has not commented about why Mrs Alder’s children’s shoes are now acceptable.

Defending the initial decision to send pupils home, interim executive principal Sylvia Thomas said enough notice of the changes had been given, adding parents had given their support to her over the new rules.

More at: Pupils turned away from school for ‘wrong shoes’ allowed back


Here’s the original BBC story from yesterday: Pupils in ‘wrong shoes’ sent home from Birmingham school


The school certainly seemed to be taking a tough line in the face of considerable  criticism from parents in the original report, but looks like it may now have backtracked.

What do you think? Having made their position clear should they have seen it through or was a re-think the right thing to do?

Please give us your suggestions in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. TeacherTrainer

    I wear ‘polishable’ black shoes with my suit as a senior management person. Did they really ban black shoes that could be shined?

  2. teacher1

    High expectations is a must at every level. Whether it’s the appearance of students, the level of planning of staff or the quality of support from SLT. Students are given a uniform policy and should stick to it, what concerns me is that this will be a reflection of other issues within the school. Students not doing as they have been instructed and parents backing them up on it is unacceptable. Teachers are not miracle workers- if they want this struggling school to turn around just give the Interim’s way of doing things a fair chance, then criticise. Refusing to get on the bus and still complaining that outcomes are low is just not an option. I would imagine that the staff have been given a wake up call as well as to the demands of them.

  3. Nairb1

    There are high expectations and ridiculous expectations. This sounds more like an attempt to demonstrate how tough an academy can be rather than something actually worth sending 300 pupils home for.

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