Pupils taught two hours of PE a week ‘halves under Coalition government’

A damning study by MPs has found that most pupils are now getting less than two hours of PE lessons a week – down sharply from a survey carried out previously under the Labour government. This is from the Daily Mail… 

The education select committee questioned more than 300 primary and secondary school teachers, less than half of whom claimed that their pupils have two hour of sports education each week.

Just 43 per cent said that their students enjoyed two hours of physical work a week, compared to 90 per cent in the academic year 2007 – 2008, when the sports survey was carried out under Labour’s government.

The figures suggests that since the Coalition came to power in 2010, the number of children having at least two hours worth of sport lessons has halved, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The Telegraph reported that teachers’ comments suggested that a full curriculum meant PE was often sacrificed in order to meet the criteria of the timetable.

But the Department of Education said to compare with it the survey conducted in 2008 was ‘ridiculous’ because the earlier study spoke to more than 21,000 schools and asked different questions.

A spokesman said: ‘It is ridiculous to compare a scientific research study of more than 21,000 schools to a self-selecting survey of just over 300, and each with completely different questions.’

The survey comes after comments made by Baroness Campbell, the head of the Youth Sport Trust, earlier this year.

She claimed that many children starting secondary school  were unable to throw a ball, catch, jump or run.

She said that even pupils inspired to take up a sport after watching the Olympics missed out because teachers were not well trained enough to help them.

The Coalition has emphasised it’s commitment to reforming sport in schools to create a lasting Olympic legacy.

In 2010 the Government said that far too few children were participating in regular competitive sport and that schools be given the freedom to organise more competitive sport.

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Are you aware that children are doing less PE now than in the past? If so, why is this happening? Is it pressure from the curriculum, lack of money/facilities, lack of staff training or something else? Please let us know in the comments or on twitter…

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  1. lauzjp

    SchoolsImprove that’s awful. despite being fat even in school, I did enjoy PE &chosen for sportsday events! line of males watching javelin

  2. wraitken

    SchoolsImprove we are still expected to teach gcse’s in 2 hours, why are PE staff not expected to do the same in their time, use the hours!

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