Pupils asked to sign contracts allowing them to play football in playground

Herald Scotland is reporting that children at a primary school in Scotland are being asked to sign contracts to allow them to play football in the playground. 

With 17 separate clauses set out in the documents, pupils at Forthill Primary School in Dundee are banned from hogging the ball, foul tackles, using chants or being a sore loser. Any breaches mean they face a ban for the rest of the term.

Both pupils and their parents have been asked to sign the contracts, which also contains instructions like “I will not deliberately chase on the pitch or swipe the ball from anyone”.

Ryan Finnegan, whose son Jamie, 12, is in primary seven, described the contracts as”political correctness gone mad”. Mr Finnegan, a Level 3 SFA coach, said: “We couldn’t believe what we were reading.”

A Dundee City Council spokesman said: “The letter has been issued following a number of issues that have occurred this school year during break and lunchtime football games.

“These then, at times, have been carried into the general playground or into teaching time.”

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  1. Neil_Play

    Perhaps the council and school could try something quite rare these days? It’s called common sense. The HSE is all in favour of it! 
    All they have to do is contact Play Scotland for proper advice on how they SHOULD be managing this situation north of the border.

  2. HoldHeadUpHigh

    SchoolsImprove in my experience a large number of behaviour incidents at lunch are football related.

  3. Pete Stark

    What a ridiculous situation. The teachers need to stay on top of the behaviour not ban kids from playing. What schools need to be doing is promoting play, get some new equipment, give the kids something else to do. Look at all these great things that they could have in the playground to promote a variety of play http://www.wicksteed.co.uk/school-playground-equipment-c120.html. Teaching needs to done at break times not just in the classroom.

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