Pupils’ mental health tops head teachers’ concerns

The BBC is reporting that head teachers are more concerned with pupils’ mental health than any other issue related to well-being according to a survey of 1,180 school leaders…

Two-thirds of head teachers polled for management support service, The Key, named mental health as the top concern.

Domestic violence and cyberbullying were the next biggest concerns, named by 58% and 55% of heads respectively.

Brian Lightman, leader of the ASCL heads’ union, said it was difficult for heads to obtain support for pupils.

“There certainly has been an increase in the number of pupils who are displaying different types of mental health problems,” he said.

“It’s often arising from difficult home backgrounds or a form of abuse or other types of mental health issues such as ADHD.”

He said all of this required support, which head teachers were finding it hard to access from local child mental health services.

Research for The Key also found that an increasing number of schools were employing their own counsellors, or drawing on voluntary services, to improve their pupils’ well-being.

A spokeswoman for The Key highlighted British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy estimates that between 64% and 80% of secondary schools in England offer some kind of counselling…

An investigation by the charity, Young Minds, last year found more than half of councils in England had cut or frozen budgets for child and adolescent mental health between 2010-11 and 2014-15…

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Are heads right to be as concerned about pupils’ mental health issues as this survey suggests?

If it is becoming harder to access help from local authorities, and as a result schools are having to employ their own counsellors, is this becoming a new cost centre for schools that wouldn’t have been there previously?


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  1. leebazen

    SchoolsImprove and so they should! How’s about they think about acting on preventative measures rather than once the issue has occurred…

  2. BehaviourA

    Schools so overwhelmed by focus on ‘results’ agenda. PSHE/ Pastoral services being cut and little time to support wholes school preventive/ early intervention initiatives. Little support available from outside agencies too in some areas.

  3. TheHamptonTrust

    terryfish We work with yp affected by domestic abuse & are glad to see headteachers recognizing the impact it has on their pupils.

  4. CeriStokes

    leebazen SchoolsImprove sounds great Lee, what kind of thing do you suggest, any ideas would be great to help.

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